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Tonga Bracelets

The Kingdom of Tonga (Ancient Polynesia) is an archipelago of 170 plus coral and volcanic islands scattered over 700,000 square kilometres of ocean.

Traditional Tonga clothing is made of Tapa Cloth made by pounding the inner bark of the Mulberry tree. Tongan dyes are made according to old traditions: Brown dye is obtained from either the bark of the mangrove tree or the kukui nut tree, and black dye by boiling brown dye with red hibiscus flowers.

These bracelets are my interpretation of two border designs on Tongan cloth.

This is another of my "just patterns" e-books. There are no instructions or color keys. I offer these in their "just patterns" form in order to give you lots of pretty patterns at a very reasonable price.

Beads: Delicas or other cylinder beads
Stitch: Odd Count Flat Peyote
Pages: 3

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