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Sacred Heart Triptych

A triptych is a piece of artwork that is spread across three panels. A triptych can use one image that spreads across three panels, or can be similar in theme, but use different images, or any combination of these. They are intended to be displayed side by side, and sold or used as one art piece. Triptychs can be made using almost any medium, but it is often done with painting. Now we can make a triptych with beads!

A color key (Delica numbers and amounts) is included. Also included are instructions for backing and finishing the triptych so it will stand alone.

If you need beading instructions you can find free classes on my web site.

Technique: Odd Count Peyote Stitch
Beads: Delicas Size 11
Approximate Sizes;
Side Pieces - 1" Wide X 2.75 Tall
Center Piece: 3" Wide X 3.75 Tall
Pages to Print: 3

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