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Patterns in e-book form may well become the future of pattern books. The cost of printing books keeps rising which makes it difficult for designers to publish new books often. E-books will make it possible to publish more books and stay on top of the latest trends.

I really enjoy having a way to print more than one copy of a pattern just in case I spill something on my pattern! I like to mark the rows as I bead so I keep a clean copy of the pattern nearby.

When I am traveling I often print multiple copies just in case I misplace one. I keep two copies in my beading case and keep the extra copies in my suitcase.

You will notice that I leave a half inch margin around my pages because some home printers will not print any larger.

Stained glass artists will enjoy the fact they can print a pattern to use as a cartoon and another to use for the cutting pattern. I often print my cutting patterns on "card stock" instead of regular printer paper.


Use the best possible paper for printing your e-book. The regular inexpensive paper tends to act as a blotter and will soak up a lot of ink. The better quality paper will not soak up as much ink and will give you a much clearer pattern.

For a really classy e-book you can print the cover page on photo paper. It's a tad expensive but it looks very pretty and almost like a professionally printed cover.

You may choose to punch holes in the side of your pages and place the pages in a binder. The extra margin I leave will give you plenty of room for the holes.

Another option is to put your pages in plastic "page protectors" which have holes on the side sized to fit the binders. The page protectors are available at office supply stores and are not expensive.

Feel free to make notes on your pattern and keep it behind the pattern in the page protector so you can refer to it easily.


Adobe Reader a wonderful application and it is totally free! On the following page I will point out some of the features. It only takes a few minutes to become familiar with the way you can move through the pages in your e-book using Reader. I used Reader for years without knowing all these little goodies. I wish someone had pointed them out to me!

For Windows
For Mac

I hope you enjoy your e-books!
Suzanne Cooper

Below is a small sized screen shot of the second page of my "Beaded Tea Light Covers" e-book as it appears using Adobe Reader. I have enlarged sections of this screen shot on page 2.