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Distant Drums 4 Rug Mini Tapestry
Northwest Coastal Eagle Profile

Northwest Coastal Raven

Northwest Coastal Jumping Whale

S'west Circle of Life Mini Tap.
Indian Basket Mini Tapesty

Mayan Galactic Butterfly Mini Tap.

Mayan Eagle Mini Tapestry

Mayan Moon Face Mini Tapestry

Northwest Coastal Raven
Navajo Sun Mini Tapestry
Sun Kachina Mini Tapestry

Thunderbird Mini Tapesty
 Turtle Mini Tapesty

Bora Bora Turtle
Hansa Mini Tapestry
Thunderbird Set
Distant Drums Rug 2
Distant Drums Rug 1

Navajo Two Gray Hills Rug - Peyote

Mother Earth Father Sky Rug - Peyote
Navajo Storm Pattern Rug 2

Contemporary Navajo Rug 1

Contemporary Navajo Rug 2

Moon Dragon

Oriental Lily

Rainbow Feather

Celtic Knot

Home - Chinese Calligraphy

Hummingbird & Lilacs

Huichel Eclipse of the Sun

English Garden Mini Tapestry
Mehndi Henna Tattoo

Yei Collection

Navajo Textile Pattern Rug

Maria's Pottery


Kachina Masks - Peyote

Desert Reptile

Southwest Collection 1

Southwest Collection 2

Southwest Collection 3

Southwest Collection 4

Southwest Collection 5 

Southwest Collection 6
Southwest Collection 7

Southwest Collection 8

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Celtic Birds

Water Serpents

Stained Glass Madonna

Southwest Rugs 1

Southwest Rugs 2

Southwest Rugs 3 - Peyote

Southwest Rugs 4 - Peyote

Southwest Collection 8
Navajo Rug Storm Color Chart

Navajo Rug Storm Word Chart