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Petroglyphs are images that were etched or pecked into stone, usually boulders or large rock faces. Most petroglyphs found in the U.S. were made by American Indians and were made by pecking. An early method of pecking may have been accomplished by striking the boulder directly with a hammerstone, removing part of the boulder's surface. Later, a more controlled method was developed by using two stones, in much the way a chisel is used, to peck boulders.

Petroglyphs are found world-wide but I used images found in the U.S. as my inspiration for these patterns. The patterns on this page and the Southwest page that have the same backgound are the same size so you can make a grouping for your wall.
Petroglyph Aztec Bird 1
Petroglyph Big Horn Sheep
Petroglyph Expectant Goat
Petroglyph Membres Rabbit
Petroglyph Aztec Bird 2
Petro. Big Horn Sheep/Baby
Petroglyph Shaman
Petroglyph Buffalo
Petroglyph Desert Reptile