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Needlecase Trio 1 e-Book

Needlecase Trio 2 e-Book

Needlecase Trio 3 e-Book


And now for the fine print......

What you can do:

When you purchase an E-book or E-pattern from Suzanne Cooper please keep in mind that is it copyrighted and is for personal use only. Any beadwork that you create using the E-book or E-patterns may be offered for sale without asking permission. You may reproduce the E-book or E-pattern by printing it for your own records, make a backup of the file, or copy it onto multiple computers in your home or workplace for your personal use.

What you can't do:

You may not reproduce the E-book or E-pattern for use by others, offer it for sale or free download, or copy/send it to your friends. You cannot use the patterns or instructions to teach a class or workshop, unless prior permission has been obtained from Suzanne.