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Chinese Calligraphy Patterns

Each e-Book has a pattern for an amulet purse and a slightly larger one. I show one much larger on the cover because I couldn't get both on if they were about the same size. Each can be used for a necklace, mini tapestry or candle cover. If you like you can add some columns to each side to increase the side.

Basic directions are given including suggestions for tapestry display and candle ideas. Although I show these patterns with a red background and black characters you can use any color you like. The calligraphy is based on the sound of the name so it doesn't matter how your name is spelled. Some of the words like Faith and Dawn are also names.

Ann Barbara Becky
Beth Betsy Bonnie
Carolyn Cathy
Debby Dee Kay
Kim Mary Sue
Forever Dragon
Faith Harmony
Love Sister
Peace Beautiful
Best Friends Dawn