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Deco Gatsby 4 Amulet Purse Set

I love Art Deco design! With the latest Gatsby movie a new interest in this style is sure to happen. The design style first appeared in France during the 1920s and flourished internationally during the 30s and 40s. The name came from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes, held in Paris, which celebrated living in the modern world.

A color key (Delica numbers and amounts) is included .

If you need instructions you can find free classes on my web site. Even Count Tubular Peyote is the first class.

Technique: Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch
Beads: Delicas Size 11
Approx Size:
Deco Diamonds: 1.75" Width X 2.2" Height
Deco Dreams: 2" Width X 2.75" Height
Deco Gatsby: 1.75" Width X 2.5" Height
Deco Memories: 2" Width X 2.6" Height
Pages to Print: 5

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