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Maltese Cross

This e-book contains an enlarged pattern shown on two pages. It is large enough to make it very easy to read. There are no instructions, no color keys, just pretty patterns for those of you who love to bead and want patterns at a very affordable price. You can find beading instructions on my web site.

Technique: Odd CountFlat Peyote 
Beads: Delicas 
Approx Size: 5.5 X 5.5"
Pages to Print: 3

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The Maltese cross is identified as the symbol of the Christian warrior. The cross is eight-pointed and has the shape of four arms joined together at their bases, so that each arm has two points. Its design is based on crosses used since the crusades. The eight points symbolise the chivalric virtues; loyalty, piety, frankness, braveness, glory and honour, contempt of death, helpfulness towards the poor and the sick, and respect for the church. The Maltese cross is the symbol of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. In recent centuries it has come to be adopted as the insignia of numerous orders of chivalry, and appears on the coat-of-arms of the Mecklenburg-Strelitz district. In Australia the Maltese Cross is the state emblem of Queensland.