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Heraldic Cross

This e-book contains an enlarged pattern shown on two pages. It is large enough to make it very easy to read. There are no instructions, no color keys, just pretty patterns for those of you who love to bead and want patterns at a very affordable price. You can find beading instructions on my web site.

Technique: Odd CountFlat Peyote 
Beads: Delicas 
Approx Size: 4.5 X 4.5"
Pages to Print: 3

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Heraldry is the art form used to identify military and arms bearers. It is also used for non-military such as Coat of Arms, family crests, colleges, Masonic lodges, etc. The original reason for painting or marking a symbol on a shield or clothing was to recognise which side the warrior was on. A single colour and/or shape would have sufficed in most situations. These identification markings were later enhanced to show the rank of the bearer, and it wasn't long before logos became popular. One such logo was the cross, especially for Christians fighting in the First Crusades, which puts the cross as one of the earliest heraldic designs. Military divisions of Christian nations would distinguish themselves with specific variations and/or colours of the cross.