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Contemporary Navajo Rug 2

Post WWII the development of "Regional" rugs such as the Ganado, Two Grey Hills, Teec Nos Pos etc., appeared. With the change in American society after WWII, the market for Navajo rugs changed as well. Dependable automobiles, Route 66 and new homes via the GI Bill all changed the demand for the type of Navajo handmade weavings. 

Later in the post WWII period, the non-regional style rugs appear. These are rugs that cannot be pinpointed to a particular regional area. The economic development of the Navajo and all American people after WWII contributed to the exchanging and evolution of design ideas. Now there are rugs woven in non-traditional designs for display on a wall, not for use on the floor. One can also see traditional styles woven in non-traditional colors.

The pattern is shown enlarged to make it easier to read. Because of the size of this pattern I divided it into 2 sections. There is no color key ncluded. This is a "Just Patterns" item for beaders who want beautiful patterns at a reasonable price.
Technique: Peyote
Beads: Delicas 
Approx Size: 4.75 X 6"
Pages to Print: 3

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